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I have edited Puerto del Sol's Black Voices Series since 2015.  Fighting against the cultural erasure & violent silencing of black perspectives in general, & the specific dearth of black writers in today's literary landscape, the Black Voices Series aims to lend a platform to black-identified writers and multi-modal artists. Our aim is to hold space. To foster community. To loudly proclaim that our voices are worthy &that our words are magic, in a world quick to deny those truths. We thank those who send us their work for trusting that we will honor it. 

#blackvoicesmatter #blacklivesmatter


Black literature creates a world for black readers in which we are centered and heard and seen. This is a gift that we give to ourselves and each other–it is a healing balm to see yourself in so many sharp pages. I know that Black prose writers and their books are what made me believe that I could write, that my stories, and poems and essays were worthy of telling, and that, in turn my imagination held something precious. I do not know who or how I would be without Black work, and I know that’s true for many of us.


The characters in our books may live in worlds that looks like our own. They may feel safe and scared and enraged and full of bone-hot love as we do. They may live in worlds that are more free than our own, worlds that may be wholly unfamiliar to us. Slipping through time or galaxies or a space that is softer-edged. There’s a lot of room here–to build worlds and become the benevolent gods of our own stories, whatever that looks like.

I am honored to be able to create, with Jaded Ibis Press, a space for Black stories to be told–we will be publishing one Black-authored novel a year in a series that I hope goes on forever. I thank you in advance for trusting Jaded Ibis with your work, and look forward to exploring your worlds.


Please send manuscripts to Include any questions that you may have about our press, the process, and/or compensation–we want our community to feel more informed about the publishing process, even if your ms doesn’t end up with us.


All of the writers in this project are femmes/womxn of color who live with neurodivergence and their voices are powerful and necessary. Some of them chose to write about their experiences existing with a body that is neurally atypical, some sent in work that focused on their family experiences, others explored a lover’s gaze or their loving gaze on themselves. Their work is emblematic in just one way: Art from femmes/womxn of color who identify as neurodivergent or mentally ill rejects a single narrative. There is no one focus that we are held to, and there is no overarching aim of our work. This folio is a disco ball of topics, no single mirrored face refracts the world in the same way.


Invisible Weight demands space for those whose voices are intersectionally marginalized, whose brains and hearts and skin are used as weapons against them. They refuse that weaponization, and this work is labor of their love(s) and ability. What a blessing it is to share in that love. What a cure. A special thanks to each contributor for their trust and labor, and to Kayla and Axel for everything else.